International Activities

IAL is one of the most successful training organizations in Emilia-Romagna, founded in 1972. IAL was born as the training organization of one of the most important Italian trade unions (CISL). For over 30 years IAL Emilia Romagna has been dealing with many different activities and services aimed at improving the people’s professional training, the firms’ competitiveness and the development of the local economic and social systems. IAL Emilia Romagna is your ideal partner for all matters relating to education and training as well as for the development and use of information technologies in education.

IAL Services


  • Basic and compulsory training
  • LLL (Long Life Learning) training
  • High level specialised training


  • Social research & analysis
  • Organisational consulting (Certified Quality systems, training needs analysis,..)
  • Innovative learning methods and tools
  • Project management
  • Vocational guidance
  • Counselling


  • R&D projects
  • Training initiatives


  • Young people (vocational qualification and post diploma and graduate specialization)
  • Unemployed adults
  • Disadvantaged people (socially or economically)
  • Employed people
  • Private companies and association
  • Public bodies

“Environment and Sustainable development”, “Tourism”, “Mechanical”: strategic areas for IAL

IAL Emilia Romagna has been working for a long time in these sectors having principle role in the definition of IAL offer in terms of both training courses and R&D activities. In detail, IAL is well experienced in:

  • The Tourism sector especially in Hotel and Restaurant management and related professions training;
  • Specialized qualifications post diploma and/or degree in key economic sectors;
  • LLL training to spread competences required by the labour market;
  • Actions for sensitizing young people to RES and EE issues;
  • Territorial marketing and valorisation of local heritage;
  • R&D about new professions and competences;
  • Supporting actions for sustainable tourism and sustainable development (environmental management system, Ecolabel, local development projects).

Financing sources of IAL services

  • European Social Fund
  • Other EU Programmes
(LLP, Interreg, Progress, EIE…)
  • National public funds
(Ministries, Local administrations, ..)
  • Italian Interprofessional joint funds
  • Private commitments (individuals, associations and enterprises)

European country’s partners

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Latvia
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • U.K. England

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07/03/2014 10:21


AIM OF THE PROJECT To innovate traditional teaching methods, which nowadays are still too focused on rote learning, through an effective use of digital technologies: IWB applications combined with concept/mind maps and other HIL tools (High Interaction Learning). This project regards the application of these technologies applied for the development of the European Key competences … Continue reading TKEY HIL PROJECT – EU KEY COMPETENCE IN HIGH INTERACTION LEARNING

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24/02/2014 10:22

Sector skills alliances tourism and catering pilot project (Agreement number: EAC 2012-0634)

The European programme called Erasmus for All includes a new category of transnational cooperation called Sector Skills Alliances to promote European cooperation within an economic sector. Sector Skills Alliances are expected to promote cooperation between three fields – VET provision & research, sector stakeholders, and VET authorities or authorized bodies – and should therefore consist … Continue reading Sector skills alliances tourism and catering pilot project (Agreement number: EAC 2012-0634)

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08/10/2013 10:23

Training per P.A.C.E. – Performance per l’adattabilità e competitività europea

Oltre 120 operatori sindacali rumeni, appartenenti a diverse delegazioni dell’Ecologistul, Sindicatul National de Mediu (sindacato nazionale dell’ambiente), parteciperanno per sei settimane, a partire da lunedì 8 luglio fino ad ottobre, al programma di scambio di esperienze transazionali nel settore della tutela ambientale organizzato da IAL Emilia Romagna, la società di formazione della CISL. Il programma … Continue reading Training per P.A.C.E. – Performance per l’adattabilità e competitività europea

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20/06/2013 10:25


Relacs aims at involving and motivating a significant number of hotels and other kind of accommodation-hospitality buildings throughout Europe (60 at least) in implementing Renewable Energy Sources (RES) measures as well as energy efficiency on their buildings. In order to reach this goal, the project will develop appealing marketing tools for hotels, creating a European … Continue reading Relacs

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20/06/2013 10:24

En Vogue

The EnVogue project is targeted at education providers dealing with young women disadvantaged, with no qualifications or who have had negative experience of school, and will equipe them with innovative methods and tools for providing Information Technology and Economy contents embedded in the thematic world of fashion. En Vogue focuses on a curiosity-driven approach to … Continue reading En Vogue

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